Customize Mousepad Customized Pattern 16 Sizes Mouse Mat Oversized Personalized Tablepad Lockstitch A Border

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【Customized Pattern】
【16 Sizes】
Type: Mousepad
Material: Elastic softrubber
Thickness: 0.2 cm
Edge: Lockstitch a border
Size: 16 sizes available
Support: Customize pattern

1.How to customize: Send picture you want to customize to us by Live Chat, it needs high-resolution pictures with 1920 * 1080 resolution, the clearer the picture is, the better the effect is. We will modify and design picture according to the size of the mouse pad you need, thank you!
2.Size in Long*Width, if you want Width*Long, pls tell us by Shopee Chat or Note when order.
3.About smell: Customized mousepad may have smell after processing, please wash and dry mousepad before using. 4.About color: There will be color difference in customization, the degree of color difference is related to the color of the pattern, pattern for Game / Cartoon / Anime has a little color differences, pattern for Photo / Monochrome / Metal / Gradient has a larger color differences. Gorgeous colors and the HD effects make sure it won’t lose the fidelity. Our mouse pads are so much better than the average batch printing mouse pads that they can be washed over and over again and still stay in the original color.
5. Mouse pad is made of natural rubbers instead of reclaimed rubbers. Although they don’t have stickiness of the reclaimed rubber mouse pads, the underside of our mouse pad has high coefficient of friction so that they can grasp any kind of desktop. Besides, the pad is soft and elastic; it’s comfortable to use as well as protect your wrist.Size Chart:
Size Chart

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